We are proud to help so many women and men on Long Island and New York City find the perfect hair they want.  From wigs to extensions, mens hairpieces and more, we provide the highest quality brands with beautiful styles and quality craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking for human hair or synthetic hair, our Long Island Wigs store can help you.  We have hundreds of items to choose from.  As our happy clients will attest, if we don’t have it in stock, we will get it for you fast!

Don’t just shop online – you never know how it will fit until you try it on. Come into our store, try on a great selection of pieces, and make a decision on what looks best on YOU!

With hope in her heart, she made an appointment at the hair replacement shop where my sister works, The Riviera in Syosset. She was greeted by Jack, the owner of the shop. His understanding immediately comforted her. He asked her for a photo so he had some idea of her preferred hairstyle.

When the wig was delivered, my sister went to work on her. The moment my sister replaced the bald head with luscious tresses the emotion set in. My friend dissolved in tears of joy, the first happiness that she had experienced since that dire diagnosis. She was immediately impressed by my sister’s gentle nature and care.

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~Barbara Anne K.

I’m so happy with the new wig, so thanks again for all your help throughout the process. I’m excited to get a lot of use out of it.

~Tyler B.

I am so pleased with my purchase! The color is spot on and the ponytail is quality made. I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond in assisting me with this purchase. I look forward to working with you and your company in my future purchases. Thanks again!!

~Ginger M.

I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know that I love the wig! Thank you so much again for all your help!

~Megan M.

You’re so truly helpful and thorough and I value your opinion.

~Kathy T.

Very helpful, thank you!

~Julie K.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me choose such a beautiful wig. I’m getting so many compliments. I appreciate your help.

~Lou-Ann J.

I would love to deal with your shop rather than another online retailer especially after the service you provided.

~Jay T.

Thank you so much!!! The pleasure was all mine yesterday!!! You are an absolute joy and an asset to your company! Thanks again.

~Felicia H.

Wow! Thank you for all of this information. I cannot thank you enough for helping me navigate through this process. Thank you again.

~Ellen O.

Thank you so much. You gave me so much info in a short time and your gentle, kind words were very encouraging.

~Elizabeth D.

I have gotten many compliments on my NEW wig. I have seen many wigs at the cancer center and I will be honest my wig proves to be amazing! My husband loved it also he could not get over the look!! I had several women in my circle ask me where I purchased my wig.

~Diana W.

I appreciate all your efforts and your patience. You’re the one that deserves the thanks. You are so knowledgeable and I am grateful. Again, I appreciate all that you do.

~Annette H.

Thank you so much for all of this support and help. I appreciate it so much!

~Alison C.