Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille Wigs at Long Island Wigs

For almost 50 years, Ellen Wille has provided its clients with the highest level of quality and comfort in wigs, hair care products and more.

With over 200 options to choose from, Ellen Willie collections provide women and men with a variety of hair choices.

From synthetic hair to human hair, designed with modern techniques and fashion trends in mind, every model takes on a nearly “bespoke quality” – designed and tailored to meet and exceed the needs of their valued clients.

Their designers are driven by a passion, and eye for style and trends, and leverages 50 years of experience to create wonderful hair for women and men alike.


Why More Women Trust Long Island Wigs in Syosset NY


Beautiful Designer Wigs

Ladies – your wig should not look like a wig!  The best wigs look like YOUR hair – a beautiful style and color that accents you!

Choose from hundreds of designs, styles and colors!


Choose Your Look

Whether you are looking for something classic, high fashion, playful or somewhere in between, we have the hair for you.

Come meet with our experts who can help you find the look you want and deserve!


Great Value

We bring our clients great trusted brands with high quality hair.  Best of all, we deliver at a fair price and deliver great value to our clients!

With over 50 years of great service and trust, we’re here to deliver value to you.


Visit Our Store

Yes, we have a store! You should come in, try on the wigs and find what best fits you.

The internet is great, but you won’t know how it looks until you try it on. Why buy, send back, buy, send back, etc.? Just come in and try on as many as you like!

Human Hair vs Synthetic Wigs

Whether you should use a human hair wig or a synthetic wig is really a matter of choice and preference.

Human hair wigs offer a natural look and feel.  When you touch the wig, it is actually human hair, hence, the look and feel of real hair (it is real hair).  Human hair are also easier to restyle on an on-going basis.

Synthetic wigs have the benefit of getting a style that lasts.  The wig comes with a style, and that style will last on that wig.  In fact, it can be worn right out of the box, without any styling required.

Heat-friendly synthetic hair (along with natural human hair) can be re-styled and can handle heat, typically 250-275f degrees.


Wear the Style YOU Want with Ellen Wille

We love the product from Ellen Wille.  At our Long Island Wig store, located in Syosset NY, clients from across Long Island, Manhattan and the five boroughs can experience these products and more.  With a tremendous variety of choices, our professionals can help you choose the wig that is best for you.

As we say, “come in and try it on.”  Hair is something you really need to try on, experience, and see how it looks on YOU.  Pictures can show the pieces, but until you see them in person, you can’t anticipate how it will look on you.

Come into our store, work with our professionals, and let’s find the hair that is right for you!